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The VersaSpa® system is a full-body treatment system that allows our clients to select from a combination of solutions that will bronze and smooth their skin. It is designed to provide as even a tan as possible. All the components of the Magic Tan system have been used in cosmetics and food products for decades and have been proven safe for the skin. All the active ingredients are FDA approved for use as a self tanning skin agent. Its open-air design utilizes MagicTan® skin care treatment solutions and state-of-the-art comfort technologies to fortify, moisturize and rejuvenate.

  1. To optimize the life of your UV free tan avoid the use of hot tubs and pools for extended periods of time. Long exposure to chlorine can prematurely lighten your spray tan.


 2. Exfoliate! However,only use a loofa. Wax beads and scrubs along with using deodorant before your spray tan will provide a barrier to the spray tans absorption.

3. It is important to moisturize during the week prior to spray tanning however you should avoid applying any lotion or oils the day of your appointment. They can react with the solution and make it difficult for it to be absorbed into the skin. This means extra long drying times and feeling sticky longer than usual!


4. Sleeping in your tan is the best way to let the color develop!

Spray Tan Tips

5. DO NOT use bar soap before spray tanning. It can leave a layer of film on your skin!


6. Heading to the beach? Only use water resistant suncreen lotion, no sprays or oils! Those contain mineral oil and can strip your tan! REMEMBER you can still burn under a spray tan so SPF is extremely important!

Spray tan
spray tan tips
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