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1) How often can I tan?
You may tan every day if you wish, as long as you wait 24 hours between each tan. This is a manufacturer's recommendation that Tanlines follows in order to prevent overexposure, and it includes outdoor tanning as well. Our system will keep a detailed record of your tanning history, and we will advise you if you have not waited the full 24 hours.

2) Which beds can I use my first time?
Tanlines customers may use any level of our UV equipment that best suits their needs. Based on your skin type analysis and tanning goals, our staff member will determine your initial tan time and tanning bed. After building a base tan, most of our clients use a combination of units to achieve the best results. 

3) Are there risks involved

with being exposed to UV light?
Yes, there are risks associated with too much exposure to UV light. 

Overexposure to Ultraviolet light causes burns.  Repeated exposure may result in premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.

4) What are the potential health benefits of tanning?
UV light is the main source of Vitamin D for humans. UV light causes the skin to create previtamin D which in turn make Vitamin D that is necessary for good health, bone formation ,and the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the body. The presence of Vitamin D in the body can decrease the risks of developing breast and colon cancers. Tanning also provides natural protection from sunburn. Melanin (tanning pigment) helps the skin absorb ultraviolet rays without causing damage to surrounding cells, thereby offering protection from sunburn.

5) How long can I stay in the tanning bed the first time?
This depends on your Individual and Unique Skin Type.  You will complete a skin type analysis with a Tanlines Smart Tan certified staff member to complete a questionnaire to determine things like individual skin type, how quickly you tan, sensitivity to burn, etc. which will help recommend and regulate the tanning time that is best for your skin.  If you do well your first time in the tanning bed and do not experience any redness, most of our clients are able to increase their time by 2-3 minutes each time thereafter until reaching the maximum tan time for that particular bed.

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